Attendance at Tests and Examinations is compulsory. Malpractices in examinations will be viewed seriously. Offenders will be marked zero and they are likely to be suspended / expelled. The student is expected to pass in all the subjects with a minimum of 33% in both periodic & Yearly assessment for promotion to the next class. 80% of attendance is compulsory to attend the final examination.  The Students will be assessed in


Classes 1 to 3 regular testing (No formal Examination)

Classes 4 to 8 Divided in two terms.
(Each term of 80 marks half yearly/ Yearly + 20 marks for periodic assessment).
Periodic Assessment is based on Periodic test, note book submission & Subject Enrichment Activity.

Classes 9 to 10

80 marks Board Examination covering 100% syllabus of each subject

20 marks Internal Assessment including 10 marks Periodic Test

5 marks for note book Submission

5 marks Subject Enrichment Activity

CO-SCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES: (Grades will be given)

Work education

Art Education

Health and Physical Education

Attendance, Sincerity, Behaviour, Values