Aarushi Global School Has The Privilege Of Being One Of The Best Campus. It Is Located At RS Mangalam, In the Dist of Ramanathpuram,  NH- 210, near Union Office. 

An Integrated Campus with Hi-Tech Infrastructure, spread across 10 Acres of lush green Landscape, possessing a unique dedicated Sports Academy, engaging Smart classes & ICT enabled Classrooms. AGS is applying differentiated concept based learning and contemporary techniques to create smart, creative and active learners who can apply classroom concepts to real time experience for better learning & assimilation of knowledge.

A co-educational system with high quality faculty, modern pedagogies and a plethora of co-curricular and extracurricular activities, AGS understands every child is born unique and children need the right ambience to unlock their potential to the fullest.

A global educational house comprising of more than half a dozen of well-defined educational entities catering to a complete barrage of education starting from primary school level and reaching to the pinnacle of professional pursuits in the fields of engineering, management, fashion, teacher training and sports. The ideology is to cater to educational programs starting right from mother’s lap and reaching to most advance level of research with our Ph.D. programs, all available in the parameters of same premises.

Green School

The AGS Campus in Ramanathapuram, is modern, vibrant, green and welcoming. Open yet secure, surrounded by trees and greenery, it creates a tranquil environment, to experience learning with joy. Aesthetically designed buildings merge with the greenery and open spaces, providing a healthy environment for interactive learning.

pollution Free Campus

Based on the Eco Green concepts,  This curved structure with Nature as its backdrop and fine acoustics forms a perfect open-air venue for entertainment, performing arts, competitions and other cultural events. No traffic or Sound Pollution.

Learning Labs

The School has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology with the latest instruments, specimens, charts etc to enable learning through experiments.


An activity center for the K-SCHOOL where students can explore and make their dreams come true. K-SCHOOL is well equipped with small models of huts, houses, kitchen, Puppet Theater, home appliances, shops, and cleaning kit for students to enjoy, act and learn and acquire practical knowledge. A small gym equipped with child-friendly gadgets has been provided for the improvement of student’s motor skills.

Our Students

Diverse, Dedicated and Successful, Our students come from various walks of life, different cultures, and different countries. By sharing their diverse life experiences, students at Vidya Global School can enhance their emotional growth, as well as their educational development and also develop an understanding towards different backgrounds and learn to function in a multicultural and multiethnic environment.

Teaching Team

Teachers play an extraordinary part in the lives of children for the formative years of their development and the importance of teachers is something that cannot be understated. They involve themselves in molding their students into responsible citizens of their country.

Aarushi Global School has highly trained, experienced staff dedicated towards the growth of the child. These Educators not only facilitate learning but also navigate a child in discovering his or her potential and experience the true joy of learning and growing. The school has regular professional in service and training for other programmes for their professional growth. Scholar Teachers and the experts from various areas of learning continuously groom the current teachers & faculty for the ultimate benefit of the students.