Learning is caring, sharing and responding! Walk by our Kindergarten section and you will see thematic boards filled with colours that brings every form of life alive into the school. You can feel the vibrant colours, music and the joy of activity based learning. These important, initial years set the tone for the entire academic life for years to come. Bearing this in mind, utmost care has gone into the activity based designing of curriculum, exclusively for the little ones at AGS.

Classrooms are furnished with customized furniture, bright visuals, display boards and a wide array of Nursery equipments, in fact everything to beguile the little learners. The teachers gently lead the children from the known to the unknown through an interesting session of Interactive learning process.

The warmth and supportive atmosphere of home is replicated here. A child’s natural curiosity and joy in exploring its environment, is given full rein in the Play –Way and Montessori  Methodology.