Aarushi Global School  expects deep commitment from parents in this journey. Parents are an integral part of our curriculum where they are expected to be support and encourage the child.

Aarushi Learning Series – Parent Workshops

Parent Development Workshops are organized to improve parents’ role in their child’s learning process. Some of the workshops in the Indus Learning Series are:

• Find the Winner in your child

• How to get your child to cooperate without conflict

• 21st Century learning skills • Careers after school

• Target IIT

Home Visits - A Unique AGS  Practice

Every year our teachers make home visits to strengthen the bond between school and parents. These visits help our mentors understand the children better by nowing more about their environment at home.

What our Parents have to say:

As a learning organization, we constantly strive to improve ourselves. Each year we conduct surveys among our parents to find out their views about the school.