At the heart of Aarushi Global School’s educational philosophy is the firm belief that all students can become successful learners and that there are no predetermined limits to what students can accomplish at any age. Students come to AGS with varying intelligences, abilities, passions and skills. Curricular units are carefully designed to engage students with a variety of learning styles. A broad range of materials, activities, approaches, and interconnected learning opportunities encourages each student to discover and develop his or her own strengths. Students are also taught to recognize those areas where they may need to review in order to master required skills and content. The result is a “living” curriculum that evolves to accommodate teaching methods and topics for all grades.

Academic Approach

At Aarushi Global School, our academic approach helps students to acquire the skills necessary to be independent. Teachers, here act as facilitators. In some classes students are guided by their own goals and in others the teachers help them towards their goals with meaningful debates and group discussions.

The students are made to think, to take their own decisions. The core pillars of our academic approach include rigorous implementation of key methodologies, where the concepts are taught on the basis of :

  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Application
  • Analysis
  • Creation

We, at Aarushi Global School, believe in the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Mr. Harvard Gardner and plan our lessons in such a manner that all kinds of learners are benefitted. The focus is on a Planned Lesson. Our Teaching Methodologies include not only the traditional teaching methods but also the modern Hi-Tech solutions, capturing students’ attention and imagination. The use of soft skills in teaching adds to the optimum benefit to the students.

We at Aarushi Global School understand the learning dimensions and our teaching is synthesized to maintain a balance in learning, thereby creating better learners for tomorrow.

Holistic Student Approach: We see each child as a psychological, physical and intellectual whole—not detached from context—and treat their education as supporting and engaging with all these facets.

At Aarushi Global School, our learning environments are best suited to the developing learning needs of our students. We serve students from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and cultures and are committed to supporting each child’s social, emotional and intellectual development.