The advent of education enhanced the civilization of mankind to be more organised and contribute to a social system establishment knowldge, find iteslf the growth and be an example to be followed and thus create a earthly environment for the rest to live in with all acceptable principles and practices.

Eduaction started with the process of science by questioning what, how, when, why, etc and find the answer. This is called science. Now the releevance of eduacting the scoiety not rests in knowldege of science but also in science of ethics to be a good citizen not only to the country but to the world and entire mankind.

Now today this team with the philanthrephic passion of social contribution and with the attitude of not only eduacting but also englightening beyond and help the nation and the world develop good citizens have started this school Aarushi Global School, run and managed by Dr. Francis Educational Trust with the prime motto of developing good knoweldgeable & ethical citizens to the world and the mankind.

The team has come together passionately  to achieve some thing admirabe & adorable picking the pride for themselves with at least ten times until today where people feel to make it atleast once in a life time.